KEROMEE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner BW-520

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1. Two Cleaning Modes - Standard/Powerful, One-Click Switch: The BW-520 vacuum cleaner offers two cleaning modes to meet different cleaning needs. The standard mode is suitable for daily cleaning, while the powerful mode can tackle stubborn dirt and dust. The one-click switch makes changing modes very convenient, allowing you to adjust suction power at any time.

Two Cleaning Modes - Standard/Powerful, One-Click Switch

2. Straight-Line Airflow Track, Suction Without Loss: Utilizing a straight-line airflow track design, it ensures uninterrupted suction during usage. Whether cleaning floors, carpets, or other surfaces, the BW-520 provides stable suction, ensuring thorough cleaning without loss of power.

. Straight-Line Airflow Track, Suction Without Loss

3. Ergonomic Handle: The BW-520 vacuum cleaner features an ergonomic handle design, making it easy and effortless to hold. Whether you're cleaning floors or reaching high-up dust, the handle design provides a comfortable grip.

rgonomic Handle

4. Multi-Directional Cleaning Functionality: The vacuum cleaner can rotate 90° vertically and 120° horizontally, allowing for flexible cleaning of corners and hard-to-reach areas. This multi-directional cleaning function ensures comprehensive and thorough cleaning.

Multi-Directional Cleaning Functionality

5.Versatile Floor Compatibility: The BW-520 vacuum cleaner is suitable for a wide range of flooring types, including hardwood floors, tile floors, rugs, and low-pile carpets. Its adaptability ensures effective cleaning on different surfaces, making it a versatile cleaning solution.

Versatile Floor Compatibility


6.Easy-to-Clean, Reusable Filter: The BW-520 vacuum cleaner features a user-friendly filter system that is easy to clean and maintain. The filter can be disassembled by simply turning it clockwise after it has dried. This allows for the removal of the filter component, which can then be cleaned and reused, making maintenance a breeze.

Easy-to-Clean, Reusable Filter

7. High-Performance Parameters: The BW-520 vacuum cleaner boasts impressive performance parameters. It has an 8Kpa suction power, capable of handling various types of dirt. Additionally, with a 2200mAh battery capacity, it offers up to 40 minutes of working time without the need for frequent recharging. The noise level is less than 62dB, providing a quieter cleaning experience.

High-Performance Parameters

8. Parts List

a. 1*cordless vacuum
b. 1* dust brush
c. 2* connected tube
d. 1* long crevice tool
e.  1* Steel mesh
f.  1*user manual

Parts List


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Customer Reviews

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Patricia Williams
Perfect for Apartment Living

Living in a small apartment, storage space is precious. The compact design of the BW-520 is a lifesaver, allowing me to easily store it in my closet when not in use. Despite its size, it packs a punch in terms of performance

James Smith
Impressive Performance on Pet Hair

As a pet owner, I needed something powerful to tackle the constant shedding. The BW-520 exceeded my expectations with its suction power, effortlessly picking up pet hair from carpets and upholstery. It's a game-changer for pet parents like me

Linda Miller
Effortless Cleaning Every Time

I used to dread vacuuming, but the BW-520 has changed that. The ergonomic handle and multi-directional cleaning functionality make it a breeze to use. It's so efficient that I actually find myself enjoying the process of cleaning now

William Davis
A Must-Have for Busy Professionals

As a busy professional, I don't have time to fuss around with complicated cleaning equipment. The BW-520 ticks all the boxes for me �C it's easy to use, powerful, and gets the job done quickly. It's the perfect cleaning companion for anyone with a hectic schedule

Michael Jones
Great for Allergies

As someone with allergies, a good vacuum cleaner is essential. The BW-520 with its powerful suction and easy-to-clean filter has significantly reduced allergens in my home. I can breathe easier knowing it's keeping my space clean and healthy