Keromee Vacuum Cleaner BX-516:Cleaning for Home and Car

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KEROMEE  BW-520 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner:  SEE MORE


1. Powerful Suction: Equipped with a 14KPA cyclonic suction, it effortlessly cleans both floors and carpets, ensuring efficient cleaning results.Powerful Suction

2. Flexibility and 360° Cleaning: Its lightweight and agile design allows for 360-degree rotation, including 90° up and down and 120° left and right, making it easy to clean every corner without dead zones.

Flexibility and 360° Cleaning

3. Low Noise Operation: With a noise level below 70dB, it ensures a quiet environment during use without disturbing your daily life.

4. Versatile for Multiple Scenarios: It is not limited to indoor cleaning but can also handle various scenarios. Its large-area suction design easily reaches under furniture like beds and sofas for thorough cleaning. Additionally, its narrow crevice cleaning ability handles tight spaces like windows effectively. It also works well for low-lying areas like under cabinets and sofa bottoms. Moreover, it comes with a flat nozzle for cleaning car interiors, providing comprehensive cleaning services for your car, making your life more convenient and diverse.Versatile for Multiple Scenarios


5. Efficient Dust Separation: Featuring a precision-configured double-cone cyclone, its design was meticulously fine-tuned by structural designers, optimizing the size and placement of the cyclone cone through tiny 1mm adjustments. This precision design significantly improves the separation efficiency of dust and gases, ensuring long-lasting suction performance. This means you can maintain efficient vacuuming for extended periods without frequently emptying the dust cup or replacing filters, making your cleaning process more efficient and enduring. This selling point emphasizes the vacuum cleaner's performance and reliability.

Efficient Dust Separation

6. Powerful Dust and Mite Removal: It not only has powerful vacuuming capabilities but also places emphasis on hair absorption and mite removal. Its strong suction hurricane easily tackles pet cat and dog hair problems, ensuring clean floors and furniture surfaces in your home. Furthermore, it boasts a 99.9% mite removal effect, effectively reducing the proliferation of dust mites indoors, providing a healthier and cleaner living environment for your family. This makes the Keromee vacuum cleaner an all-in-one cleaning machine, catering to home vacuuming and hygiene needs while addressing pet hair and dust mite concerns.

Powerful Dust and Mite Removal

7. Advanced Multi-Filter System: It employs an advanced multi-filter system to ensure the release of clean air and sustained suction while preventing clogs. Equipped with washable HEPA filters, it effectively filters out harmful substances such as fine dust and allergens, releasing clean air and reducing the risk of indoor secondary pollution. Additionally, the centrifugal force-based steel mesh protective filter efficiently separates dust and gases, maintaining continuous and efficient vacuuming performance. This multi-filter system ensures that the Keromee vacuum cleaner not only cleans surfaces but also provides fresh indoor air quality, offering comprehensive hygiene protection for your home.

Advanced Multi-Filter System

8. Parts List
a. Cordless Vacuum x1
b. Dust Brush x1
c. Connected Tube x2
d. Long Crevice Tool x1
e. Steel Mesh x1
f. User Manual x1

Parts List

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Customer Reviews

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Korey Wisoky

It's hard, good for the laminat!

Carlo Morar

Lightweight, compact, suitable for small spaces. Well sucks. Power switch no

Gerhard Kreiger

It's doing its job well

Hassie Bruen

I liked it according to the description, but it heated quickly

Harmony Walker

not a " nice" product, reffering to design, but very good and good vacuum cleaner as quality